1. Synopsis. Topics Covered.


        Foundations of Misery focuses on the blunders committed by India after independence, many of which still affect and vitiate our present. It is hoped that once we have an enlightened understanding of our past, free from the pervasive fiction, we would be better able to tackle our present and future.

        The contents are based on scores of books and articles and research on the web.

Topics Covered

-  Accession of the Princely States.

-  Princely States that created difficulties



-  Jammu & Kashmir

-  Tibet : Erasing of Tibet as a nation and India’s inexplicable role.

-  India-China Boundary Issues.

-  India-China War.

-  Sri Lankan History, the Sinhalas and the Tamils, and India’s role.

-  India’s Self-Inflicted Poverty.

-  Socialism, the Disastrous Path Chosen by India : Left = Not Right.

-  “Hindu” Rate of Growth : a Misnomer.

-  The Curse of Babudom.

-  Corruption in the “Good” Old Days.

-  India’s “No” to UNSC Membership in the Fifties.

-  Foreign to Foreign Policy.

-  Indus Water Treaty

-  Neglect of the Northeast

-  Safety of Minorities, Dalits and Vulnerable Sections

-  Netaji Subhas Mystery.

-  Dalits and the Greatest Indian After Gandhi.

-  Reorganisation of States.

-  The Language Issue.

-  Mental and Cultural Slavery

-  Nehru’s Gift: Democracy or Dynacracy?

-  Summarising the Invention—Nehru.