3. Table of Contents

(1) Harvesting Misery
(2) Sardar Patel and the Integration of the Princely States
     The Princely States
     Junagadh and the Crazy Nawab
     Hyderabad : Faithful Ally of the British
(3) Kashmir : BCE to 1950s
     Shah Mir to Mughals
     Abdali to Maharaja Hari Singh
     Britain: the Main Culprit
     Sheikh Abdullah : The Blood Brother
     Mountbatten and the British Army Chiefs
     J&K : 1946 to August 1947
     J&K : September 1947 Onwards
     Article 370
     Why Hari Singh Vacillated?
     547 Successes and 1 Failure
     Sardar, VP Menon and J&K
(4) Tibet : Erasing a Nation
     The Historical Background
     Tibet’s Importance and its Water Resources
     Erasure of Tibet as a Nation
          Could China have been prevented?
          Sardar Patel’s Approach
          Independent India: Less Concerned than the British!
          Independent India’s Indifferent Approach
          India Promoting China in the UN!
          India’s Indifference to Tibet in the UN!
          The Blunder called Panchsheel
          Why the Untenable Approach?
          Strange and Baffling Rationalisation
(5) Himalayan Misadventure
     Border History till Independence
          India-Tibet Border Segments
          Ladakh-Tibet Border
          The McMahon Line
          Sikkim-Tibet Border
     Post-Independence Scenario
          What should have been done post-Independence
          China’s Stand
          India’s Stand
          Discussions Dead-end
     Onwards to Disaster
          Ill-conceived Forward Policy
          Galwan Valley and Dhola Post
          India’s Military “Preparation”
          No Planning and No Intelligence
          The Rout
          Stand of Other Countries
          China’s Response
     Analysis and Persons Responsible
          The Guilty Men
          India’s Faulty Approach
          Why Fix the Borders Unilaterally?
          Why the Intransigence?
          Sweep Under the Carpet
          Israel’s Example
          Not Taking Responsibility
          Reaction of the Media and the Public
          Summarising Blunders
          Nehru’s Insufferably Arrogant Protégé
     The Current Status
(6) The Sinhala and the Tamils
(7) India’s Self-Inflicted Poverty
     “Scientific” Socialism
          Theory of Non-Affluent Society
          Practice Proves the Theory Wrong
     India’s Socialistic Suicide
          India Plumps for Pro-Poverty Policy
          What They Said
          Why Persist with the Failed Model?
     Misnomer: The ‘Hindu’ Rate of Growth
(8) Socialism, Babudom & Corruption
     The Curse of Babudom
     Socialism + Babudom = Corruption
     Corruption in the “Good” Old Days
(9) External Policies
     “No” to UNSC Membership
     Foreign to Foreign Policy
     Indus Water Treaty
(10) Internal Policies
      Neglect of the Northeast
           Northeast thanks to Bordoloi
           Migration Politics
           Too Many States!
      Reorganisation of States
      The Language Issue
      Safety of Minorities, Dalits and Vulnerable Sections
(11) Inexplicable Ways
       Netaji Subhash Mystery
       Belated Bharat Ratnas
       Treatment Post-Death
       Dalits and The Greatest Indian After Gandhi
       Mental and Cultural Slavery
            Motilal-Tribe vs. Rao-Tribe
       The Fair Ladies
(12) Sardar Patel : Interesting Extracts
       Select Extracts
            If Only Sardar Patel was Prime Minister
            Undemocratic Anointment
            Integration of the Princely States
            Tibet & China
            Debilitating Nehru-Indira-Dynasty Socialism
            “No” to Dynacracy
            Treatment Post-Death
            Belated Bharat Ratnas
            Namkarans Unlimited
       Sardar’s Daughter
(13) Dynacracy and Hubris
       Gift : Democracy or Dynacracy?
            Undemocratic Anointment
            Dynasty First
            Limiting the Term of the PM
            Not Appointing a Successor
            Taken Shame Out of Dynacracy
            Ensuring Dynastic Recall
            Election Funding & Vote-Bank Politics
            Feudal, Undemocratic Mores
       Academics and Books
       Full of Hubris?
(14) Summarising the Invention