2. Preface


Study the past, if you would divine the future.

 Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
—George Santayana (1963–1952) 

Disregard for the past will never do us any good.
Without it we cannot know truly who we are.
— Syd Moore 

But for a series of major blunders by Nehru across the spectrum—it would not be an exaggeration to say that he blundered comprehensively—India would have been on a rapidly ascending path to becoming a shining, prosperous, first-world country by the end of his term, and would surely have become so by early 1980s—provided, of course, Nehru’s dynasty had not followed him to power. Sadly, Nehru era laid the foundations of India’s poverty and misery, condemning it to be forever a developing, third-rate, third-world country.

By chronicling those blunders, this book highlights THE FACTS BEHIND THE FACADE.

This is a compact book summarising 97 major blunders of Nehru. However, while all major blunders are not covered, none of the minor blunders are included.

The focus being on blunders, this book does not cover Nehru’s positives—there are a sea of books eulogising Nehru, and reader can refer to them.

Blunders is used in this book as a general term to also include failures, neglect, wrong policies, bad decisions, despicable and disgraceful acts, usurping undeserved posts, etc.

It is not the intention of this book to be critical of Nehru, but historical facts, that have often been distorted or glossed over or suppressed must be known widely, lest the mistakes be repeated, and so that India has a brighter future.

This book is different from my earlier voluminous book “Foundations of Misery: The Nehruvian Era 1947–64” (available on Amazon both in the digital and in paperback edition) which does not cover as many blunders as this book does, nor lists them systematically and exhaustively; but which deals in detail with the background, history and particulars of the Integration of the Indian States; Kashmir: BCE to 1950s; Tibet: Erasing a Nation; Himalayan Misadventure (India-China War); The Sinhala & the Tamils (On Sri-Lankan Tamil Problem); India’s Self-Inflicted Poverty; Socialism, Babudom & Corruption; Being Foreign to Foreign Policy (Disastrous Policies on External Affairs); Ill-informed Internal Policies; Mental & Cultural Slavery; Distortion of History & Cultural Heritage; Dynacracy (Dynastic Democracy), and so on.

This book has a wider coverage compared to the above, but does not deal in the background, history and details like the above does. Many aspects which you would find in this book you would not find in the book above, and vice versa.


New Revised & Enlarged Edition, June 2018


This Revised and Enlarged Edition comprises:
(a)122 Major Blunders compared to 97 of the first Digital Edition of July 2016, although the original title (except for 97+ instead of 97) is retained;
(b)over twice the matter, and number of words;
(c)and exhaustive citations and complete bibliography.