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Paperback:  782 pages

Publisher:  Shroff Publishers and Distributors Pvt. Ltd. (shroffpublishers.com)

Language:  English

ISBN-13:  978-9350231258

Product Dimensions:  9 X 7 inches

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 If there's a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet, 
then you must write it.
- Toni Morrison

This book is the result of my experience of over two decades in relational databases, including Sybase, MS-SQL Server, Unify, Informix, SQL Anywhere, MySQL, etc., and, of course, Oracle, in which I have worked extensively, and have designed and developed a number of commercial applications.

     There are scores of books on Oracle, and many good ones too. I like to believe that this one is not just another - its coverage and treatment is different. But, you judge! Following are the highlights of this book:


It covers practically all of SQL, PL/SQL and SQL Plus; and it covers System Administration in adequate detail. However, it does not cover topics like Backup & Recovery.

Covers the latest Oracle 11g Release 2 

Oracle Best Practices.

'Oracle Best Practices' comprehensively covers best practices in Naming Conventions, Database Design, SQL, PL/SQL, Audit & Logging, and Performance Enhancement. 

Foundation for Designing a Robust, High-Performance Database.

Without the necessary clarity on the Relational Database fundamentals and on Normalization, it is not possible to design a robust, high performance database; and hence due justice has been done to the topics on Relational fundamentals and Normalization. 

Brevity, with Clarity.

Verbose treatment of topics has been avoided. Each topic has been dealt with as briefly and as clearly as possible. 

Examples, and examples.

Each aspect has been illustrated with examples, as examples help understand fast, and bring clarity to the concepts. 

Useful Code.

The Book is full of useful code. There is a also separate section on "Sample Code & Utilities". 

Apparently thick because of vast coverage.

The book is apparently thick only because it covers many topics, with lots of examples. However, each topic has been dealt with as briefly as possible, without sacrificing clarity. It is not the verbosity that makes the book thick, but vast coverage. 

Meant for :

While the Book is meant for the professionals, the beginners would also find it very useful, as it deals with all the fundamentals too. It is meant for the developers, the designers and the architects; and also the system administrators. The Book would be very useful and effective for training purposes. 

I do hope you find the book useful. 


Rajnikant Puranik